Find out about the writer and illustrator behind the CREATURE TEACHER series.

Sam Watkins – Writer

Sam Watkins voraciously consumed books from a young age, due to a food shortage in the village where she grew up. This diet, although not recommended by doctors, has given her a lifelong passion for books. She has been a bookseller, editor and publisher, and writes and illustrates her own children’s books. At one point, things all got a bit too bookish so she decided to be an art teacher for a while, but books won the day in the end.

She has a five (and a half) year old son, a yellow camper van called Daphne, several carnivorous plants and six stick insects called Sticky, Sticky, Sticky… well, you get the idea. She can sometimes be found dangling from rocks or strumming her guitar at a campfire and singing silly songs about cockatoos.

David O’Connell – Illustrator

David O’Connell is a writer and illustrator living in London, UK.

He writes some books that other people illustrate. He illustrates some books that other people have written. And sometimes he writes and illustrates the same book! It keeps him busy.

He also loves comics! He makes and sells his own minicomics at comic shows, as well as organising and running comic-making workshops for children.

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